Petersen-Bach A/S has 40 years’ experience as Denmark’s leading supplier of cash protection, security systems, and video surveillance.
We are sparring partners for banks, CIT companies, retail shops, industry, and building contractors – sparring partners and suppliers in the field of security.

We take our role as professional sparring partner and trustworthy supplier for our customers very seriously. This role has given Petersen-Bach A/S a position as the leading supplier of systems for the protection of cash and the creation of security through surveillance. The company possesses considerable expertise in security systems.


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Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune

Petersen-Bach has good solutions, but it is the combination of knowledge and experience that really creates value for us.

“After all, anyone can put up video cameras – that’s the easy bit!”

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Mikkel Arp, ICT Support and Operations Manager for Lyngby-Taarbæk Council


“In the old days, all hell broke loose when a key was lost. Today, we just say it was good you reported it so quickly”.

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Henrik Thomsen, controller in property administration

Hotel D'Angleterre

The picture quality is really fantastic, and when I demonstrated the system for the insurance people, they were very impressed.

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Jan Brink-Pedersen, Technical Manager at D'Angleterre


Comprehensive securityThe huge security system at Greater Copenhagen Utility covers hundreds of site installations, including the headquarters.
The alternative would have been to set up a parallel system just for well surveillance...
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Jens PR Sørensen
head of security at Greater Copenhagen Utility


An effective surveillance system for Copenhagen Central Station.

We use it very actively, and for many things not originally envisaged. The new system from Petersen-Bach gives us very high quality surveillance and covers a large area...

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says DSB’s section head
Søren Møller.

Good collaboration
Høyrup & Clemmensen won the whole electrical contract and then chose Petersen-Bach to carry out the technically complex security job.
- We have had incredibly good collaboration with Høyrup & Clemmensen on this job.
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Peter Simonsen, project leader


Security stops burglary! Petersen-Bach A/S came on the scene in 2003, when HP built a new building in Allerød, just north of Copenhagen.
Petersen-Bach A/S is quick to respond and has been of great help in getting our security system to function well...
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